Conference topics

The conference topics include:

  • biomechanics,
  • composite materials and structures,
  • computational aspects of mechanics,
  • continuum mechanics, elasticity and plasticity,
  • coupled problems and field theories of solids,
  • dynamics of solids and structures,
  • experimental mechanics,
  • fracture, damage and fatigue,
  • geomechanics,
  • interfaces, thin layers and contact mechanics,
  • mechanics of composites, porous and cellular materials,
  • mechanics of defects (cracks, dislocations, inclusions, ...),
  • micromechanics and thermodynamics of materials,
  • nanomechanics and atomistic modeling,
  • nonlinear and stochastic dynamics,
  • optimization, sensitivity and reliability analysis,
  • phase transitions and microstructures,
  • plates and shells,
  • smart materials and structures,
  • structural mechanics.


Scientific aspects
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
Polish Academy of Sciences
Pawińskiego 5B, 02-106 Warsaw, POLAND

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